MCD-F500QD Flap system auto conveyor belt scanner

Product Description

Scope of application:

MCD-F500QD metal detection machines  are used in food Industries, toy companies, to check the metal contamination in the products.

Product application picture:

Performance design, can be detected separately iron and non-ferrous metal impurities,

High detection sensitivity can be separately adjusted to operate a very convenient and can detect food packaging aluminum platinum.

Conveyor and pallet assembly used in the U.S. "FDA" standards of white non-toxic materials.

Detection accuracy over the corresponding provisions of HACCP system Detect indicators.

Can and weighing machines, sorting machines combination to form a pipeline automatically detects weighing.

Production line can be used to con characteristics:

Dual-loop nest supporting the implementation of automatic detection pipeline.

Monitor the use of sound and light alarm, automatically exclude or shutdown, the operational use of extremely reliable and user-friendly.

Machine using stainless steel material, anti-corrosion, easy to clean (which can be required in accordance with the ordinary customers of steel stainless steel materials may be appropriate to reduce costs).


Detecting method: Magnetic induction

tunnel width:600mm

tunnel height:120mm

Detecting adjustment: Steeples adjustment

Detecting ability:dia0.7 iron ball

Alarm method: Buzzer alarming

Belt speed:(app.)40m/min

Power supply:AC110-230V,50-60Hz

Dimension size:1620(L)×1000(W)×1100(H)mm

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