New Detection Device for Cars MCD-V9

Product Description

New Detection Device for Cars MCD-V9

Under Vehicle Surveillance/Inspection System (UVSS/UVIS)

Model: MCD-V9

Access security control for vehicles at important location: airports, government buildings, prisons, bank depot, military zones, seaports, police office, customs, border control, car park entrance checkpoint to important building`s Toll station checkpoints, Checkpoints for entering and exiting vehicles attending conferences.

UVSS/UVIS is for anti-terrorism purpose



Mobile Under Vehicle Imaging Component

1. Sensor: line scan CCD

2. Resolution: 2048

3. Light Source: LED

4. Under Vehicle Image Data Transmission Interface: 100/1000M Ethernet

5. Dimensions: 550mm x 360mm x 85mm

6. Operating Temperature Range: -10 degree to +60 degree

7. Power Supply: 24VDC, 5A

8. Environmental Protection Level: IP68

Power and Scene Video Server


1. Scene Video Input: 2 channels

2. Scene Video Resolution: CIF or 4CIF

3. Data Interface: 100M Ethernet

4. Power Supply: 220VAC, 150W

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