New Vehicle Under Scanner for Cars MCD-V9

Product Description

New Vehicle Under Scanner for Cars MCD-V9



Under Vehicle Surveillance/Inspection System (UVSS/UVIS)


Model: MCD-V9


Access security control for vehicles at important location: airports, government buildings, prisons, bank depot, military zones, seaports, police office, customs, border control, car park entrance checkpoint to important building’s Toll station checkpoints, Checkpoints for entering and exiting vehicles attending conferences.


UVSS/UVIS is for anti-terrorism purpose





Mobile Under Vehicle Imaging Component



1. Sensor: line scan CCD


2. Resolution: 2048

3. Light Source: LED

4. Under Vehicle Image Data Transmission Interface: 100/1000M Ethernet

5. Dimensions: 550mm x 360mm x 85mm

6. Operating Temperature Range: -10 degree to +60 degree

7. Power Supply: 24VDC, 5A

8. Environmental Protection Level: IP68


Power and Scene Video Server



1. Scene Video Input: 2 channels

2. Scene Video Resolution: CIF or 4CIF

3. Data Interface: 100M Ethernet

4. Power Supply: 220VAC, 150W


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