Under car metal detector MCD-V4S

Product Description


Under vehicle inspection System

Model MCD-V4D

Model MCD-V4S


V4D with video function ,V4S without video function

Product Description

          MCD-V4D type under vehicle inspection equipment is a multifunction security new product. , the instrument is equipped with mobile casters, 3.5-inch digital LCD screen, easy to operate, direct, practical, with a high-definition video camera, with a supplement light and DVR recording capabilities, can operate at night and record the process of testing, so security personnel on the vehicle prohibited items fast security checks for a security check at the bottom of the vehicle, the vehicle was seized at the bottom of the image acquisition to determine whether the vehicle bottom installation of bombs, drugs and other contraband items. The product is applicable to the airport, port, customs, prisons, military restricted areas, hotels and other security areas on the chassis to be checked.


Product Specifications

1, CCD camera: 1 / 3" 420 wire SHARP chip, infrared light, light source brightness can be adjusted.

2, Screen Size:3.5 inches high definition digital display

3, Power: DC12V,( 57125848,eight pieces1.5v batteries).

4, Connecting Rod Length: 1.3 meters, camera base device height: 12cm

5, Operating Temperature: -10°C~+ 50°C

6, Net Weight: 1.5kg  gross weight: 2.5Kg

7, Outer Box Size: 84 * 26 * 11cm, Package Size: 85 * 35 * 28.5cm ( 3 / carton, 8.6kg )

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